Do I need to protect synthetic rugs?

May 04, 2020 at 4:37 PM


MicroSeal will definitely help PET, Polypropylene and similar synthetic rugs with stain resistance and sun fade significantly!
While PET and like rug fibre compositions are stain resistant for water based contamination such as wine, coffee etc ... and can be easily cleaned with water it is a different matter with oil based contamination, as they will hold this soiling very aggressively and harsh chemicals and very hot water extraction is needed to rectify oil based staining, (not ideal for any situation, residential or commercial)this process can often damage the rugs as well. MicroSeal is very effective at protecting synthetic Rugs against oil based contamination. 
Examples of oil based contamination are:
Cosmetics, sunscreen, fake tan, hair products, chocolate, dressings.....
Attached is an image which shows 2x PET rugs, from a high end rug supplier so they by no means are cheap rugs! They are identical, but the top rug has been treated with MicroSeal, the bottom rug has been in place for 12 months only, in an apartment complex lobby on the Gold Coast in Australia, that has a reasonable amount of sun and foot traffic.
Some of the colour loss of the lower rug is sun fade and some is due to oil based contamination that cannot be removed with their in house carpet cleaning machine.
Treating synthetic rugs with MicroSeal is essential and will contribute to continued customer satisfaction as well as ease of maintenance and longevity.





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