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November 21, 2013 at 7:17 PM

Getting the interior protected of your new vehicle is so easy, we come to you!

We can protect your vehicle at the dealership, at your home or even at your work as in the photo. 

MicroSeal is Multi Dimensional:

-MicroSeal Resists soiling and staining

-MicroSeal Resists SunFade

-MicroSeal Reduces static

-MicroSeal adds wear integrity to both Fabrics and leather interiors so your upholstery will last longer

-MicroSeal will reduce Flame and smoke spread in the event of a fire

MicroSeal is a penetrator type product that contains zero Fluorochemicals, is completely non toxic and gives off zero VOCs.

If you are looking around for interior protection for your new vehicle and the seller or dealer says our product is non toxic and is permanet, you need to ask the to answer the following questions truthfully

1. Are there any Flourochemicals in your product?

We are not aware of any other products than MicroSeal that are truly Non Toxic, all other products on the market contain some type of Flourochemical and are coaters.

2. If i have the car groomers do an extraction clean on my upholstery will I need to re apply? or do I need to apply after a set period?

If they say yes, it is just another dirty coater. MicroSeal is a one time application one time cost, YES it lasts a lifetime!

3. Do you have any independant test reports to back up your claims?

We all know the answer to this! MicroSeal Does :)

4. Is your product approved and regarded as safe by the EPA?

I dont think so!

Give us a call or drop us an email to get an appointment to protect your vehicle interior, your family and your wallet.

My dealer is offering (pushing) a complete package onto me, Paint, Fabric and Rust protection, and man it is expensive!!

Guess what, the paint on your car is covered by a Manufacturers Warranty, it is very durable and can be buffed up anytime especially before trade in time to make it look good, a lot of the paint protections offered also require on going maintenance. in short you dont need this protection. I dont know of any vehicles that are not electro plated, hot dipped galvanised or have some type of thier own anti corrosion component, again not required.

But one thing your Manufacturer will not cover is, wear, staining or sun fade to your vehicle interior, this is where we come in, at only $399 for a vehicle with 2 rows of seats or less, and $499 for a vehicle with 3 rows of seats its protection you can afford.

We look forward to hearing from you!





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