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Inspecta-Shield™ is a versatile, broad spectrum, odorless, colorless, multi-use, penetrating,  fire retardant (for interior use only). Our pre-mixed product is easy to use, non-toxic, non-allergenic and offers superior fire-retardant protection.

UL Classified Inspecta-Shield assures a quality controlled, invisible fire retardant treatment ideally suited for economical commercial treatments of: natural fibers, decorative products, synthetic fibers, wooden building materials (lumber, etc.), paper, displays, upholstery, stage curtains, carpeting, matresses, draperies, and much, much more!

Correct application rates should be established by a thorough series of evaluations before commercial scale treatment. Application rates may vary with weight, density and the building code for which treated materials are intended to comply with.

It is recommended that all items to be treated should be tested for: flammability, acceptance, color fastness (dye running), general texture, shrinkage and appearance (i.e. a shiny fabric could be dulled). Make all tests on a scrap or in an inconspicuous area.

Inspecta-Shield™ meets and exceeds all requirements of Australian Standard AS1530 to be rated as a fire retardant by BCA, State, and locally acknowledged testing procedures. All specifications and suggestions appearing on our labels and in our literature concerning the use of our product are based upon tests and data believed to be reliable. Since the actual use by others is beyond our control no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made by International Fire-Shield, Inc. as to the effect of such use or the result to be obtained. The extent of liability of the manufacturer in all circumstances is the purchase price of the Inspecta-Shield product. For commercial use only. Not recommended for exterior use.

Independent testing standards have proven that Inspecta-Shield provides unsurpassed fire-retardant protection and has been recognized by AWTA. Coverage rates shall be followed as recommended by the manufacturer and which have been established through independently recognized testing facilities and UL test criteria guidelines.

Inspecta-Shield Q&A's

What is a Fire Retardant?


This can best be demonstrated by the use of a flame strip:


  • A flame strip is a 2” X 4” piece of paper treated with Inspecta-Shield to the top half only and allowed to dry completely.
  • Because the ignition point of paper is lower than the flame of a butane lighter (which burns between 350 and 400 degrees), untreated paper will support ignition upon contact.
  • When the untreated portion of a flame strip is lighted (and put in a fire proof receptacle), and then self-extinguishes, it is due to the application of Inspecta-Shield which has raised the ignition point of the treated portion of the flame strip to about 2500 degrees. (Propane torches burn at about 2500 degrees, butane burns at 1700 degrees, glass melts at 2500 degrees.)
  • Inspecta-Shield applications will not prevent charring, but treated items will not support ignition.


What is a AS1530?

This is the recognised test set down in the Building Code of Australia to test the effectiveness of Flame Retardants for their use on Natural & Synthetic fibres and fabrics. Inspecta-Shield rates top in all indices.

What is Inspecta-Shield?

Inspecta-Shield is a durable, non-toxic, fire retardant chemical coating, which is carried, in an aqueous (water) solution. When completely dried and cured, it is both odorless and colorless, and is visible only under a long wave ultraviolet light. Inspecta-Shield can be applied to a wide variety of items including carpeting, bedding, upholstery, draperies, paper and lumber. When properly applied, Inspecta-Shield meets or exceeds the criteria for Australian Standard AS1503 rating on most materials.

How is Inspecta-Shield different from other fire retardants?

Inspecta-Shield can treat both natural and synthetic materials. It is visible under long wave ultraviolet light so that the initial application and any need for reapplication can easily be checked. Inspecta-Shield is UV stable and has been demonstrated to significantly inhibit sun fading and sun rot. Inspecta-Shield dries to an invisible durable protective shield with no residue or rings to change the aesthetics of treated items. When dry, Inspecta-Shield is non-corrosive to metal.

What is Sun-Shield?

Sun-Shield is Inspecta-Shield's UV stabilizing agent, which protects against damage from sun fading and sun rot. Many dark or rich colors, like red or navy, fade very quickly from exposure to the sun and are not economically viable decorating choices. In addition, exposure to the sun causes fabric to rapidly deteriorate. Sun-Shield significantly extends the life of treated fabrics as well as increasing decorating options.

Does Inspecta-Shield work on everything?

No. Inspecta-Shield only works on items that are absorbent or that will allow Inspecta-Shield silica’s to adhere to them. In other words, Inspecta-Shield can only treat items it can reach. An easy test is to apply a drop of water to the surface of the material. If the water does not bead up, the items can be treated with Inspecta-Shield. Because of its unique penetration formula, Inspecta-Shield is able to effectively retard lumber and many fabrics previously coated with a soil repellent.

Is Inspecta-Shield safe to use?

Yes! It’s very simple.

How often does Inspecta-Shield need to be reapplied?

Inspecta-Shield is extremely durable and will not wear off under normal use and normally will withstand numerous dry cleanings. However, there can be a slight loss of Inspecta-Shield in washing. Reapplication is recommended after washing to maintain flame retardancy.

How much does Inspecta-Shield cost?

Inspecta-Shield is an inexpensive method of fire protection considering that fire causes many needless deaths and billions of dollars of damage in property losses every year. A gallon of Inspecta-Shield covers an average area of 500 sq. ft. for textiles and 300 sq. ft. for lumber, depending on material fibers and lumber thickness. Inspecta-Shield virtually protects your valuables and irreplaceables for pennies!

Advantages of Inspecta-Shield over other Fire Retardants


  • U.L. Classified Listing No. 79P1
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic
  • Treats both natural and synthetic materials, as well as lumber and wood products.
  • Meets or exceeds governmental criteria for AS1530 Part 2 on most materials.
  • Durable: will not wear off under normal use and normally will withstand numerous dry cleanings. Allows fibers to breathe.
  • Sun-Shield, a UV stabilizer, drastically reduces sun fading and sun rot, increasing decorating options and fabric life.
  • Visible only under long wave UV light.
  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Treated items maintain tensile strength.
  • Leaves no uncomfortable residue or unsightly salt rings after treatment.
  • Non-corrosive to metal when dry.
  • Ready to use: no mixing required (Quality Control).
  • Economical.


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