What To Expect From Our Professional Fabric Protection Service 

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Cleaning Instructions & Lifetime Service Warranty:

Upholstery Spills: Check cleaning instructions tag. If none, check with sales person or assume it is a dryclean only fabric. Blot with a paper towel. DO NOT USE WATER on Dryclean only fabrics. "Dryclean only upholstery" should be addressed by a professional. For spot cleaning upholstery yourself, WonderSpot by PSP is available from Premium Surface Protection. Carpet spills: Water or white distilled vinegar (cut 50/50 with water) is recommended. Hand-made carpets: consult your salesperson. Dry time is approximately 30 minutes. Cure time is 4 days and not effective until then. Warranty begins after curing. Product is not warranted to protect against stains which are highly acidic like Urine, iodine based, bleach, ink dyes, or food dyes.

For stain assistance check out our helpful online tips at https://premiumsurfaceprotection.com.au/resources/

MicroSeal does not make your rug or sofa Bulletproof but does give you the best possible chance of stain removal by yourself or a professional.


Beading or Surface Tension: (Some spills may not bead)

Oil based stains: The weight of the oil will drive it between the fibers but not into the fiber. While still wet, applying a paper towel will absorb the oil. Furthermore, oil based stains are the easiest stains for professional cleaners to address. It is the water borne stains which are more likely to become permanent stains. These are also the stains which MicroSeal protects best against.

Liquids with low surfacetension, hot liquids or the height of the spill will affect beading. With MicroSeal as well as beading, spills will be suspended between the fibers and not absorbed by the individual fibers.

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