why choose microseal

  • One Treatment Is All You Need – Microseal works by penetrating individual fibres. This provides permanent protection against stains and UV fading and even strengthens fabrics. Conveniently, you get all this with just one treatment.
  • Effective On All Kinds Of Fabric – Not only can you effectively protect everything from furniture, rugs & carpets through to vehice & boat interiors, you can also rest assured that MicroSeal will not change the colour or texture of any fabric.
  • FAMILY Safe and No Lasting Odour – Mircoseal is non-toxic & non-allergenic, making it the friendliest option for the environment & for your family. Unlike some other products, there's no lasting smell.
  • trade secret formula – Microseal is made with a unique trade secret formula, so if you want superior fabric protection that lasts, there's only one place to get it.

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